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Multinational biopharmaceutical company Celgene, world leader in developing new treatments for cancer and inflammatory diseases, has now established the Celgene Institute for Translational Research Europe (CITRE) in Seville, Spain. CITRE is the company’s first dedicated R&D site outside the USA and provides a bridge between Celgene R&D and the European research community.

CITRE was founded in 2010, and laboratory research activities began in June 2011. Approximately 5 million US dollars have been invested in equipment and scientific development over the first two years, excluding start-up costs, and the Institute now houses a team of 25 highly qualified scientific research and administrative staff drawn from Spain and other European member states.

The Institute is located in the Cartuja ‘93 Science and Technology Park and its activities focus on Translational Research into new treatments for cancer and other rare and complex diseases, to ensure that laboratory advances in personalized medicine reach the patients who need them as soon as possible.

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