Celgene 2019 Responsibility ReportAt Celgene, we are committed to improving the lives of patients and advancing the course of human health in the interest of global prosperity and progress. We promise to always put patients first, by ensuring that patients worldwide have safe, well controlled access to life-enhancing therapies and by improving patient care globally through education, innovation and bold pursuits in science. We respect our environment and conduct our business every day based on integrity, ethics, sound decision making and behaviors that reflect our values.

Celgene Responsibility, which includes patient & communities, safety, governance, global health and environment, defines who we are and ensures that we continue to provide and to maximize opportunities for our patients, our partners, our employees and our planet.

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Celgene supports the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of unused or expired household medications and is proud to be a member of the Health Products Stewardship Association. For more information on Medications Return Programs or to find a collection location in your area, please visit