Patients & Communities

Our Promise to Always Put Patients First

Celgene realizes our mission of improving the lives of patients around the world through our pioneering patient access programs, significant investment in clinical studies, support for continuing medical education and partnerships with charities that share our commitment to patients.


Celgene Support

Celgene provides support to organizations and initiatives that make a positive impact on our patients, our communities and our world, today and for years to come. We are committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide and focus our charitable giving in areas where we can make the greatest impact.


Access to Medicine

At Celgene, we believe that a commitment to medical progress must go hand-in-hand with a corresponding promise to ensure that patients who can benefit from our discoveries have the opportunity to do so.  Celgene’s Patient Support and co-pay assistance programs uphold this commitment.


Clinical Trials

As the needs of patients worldwide evolve, Celgene remains dedicated to meeting those needs. Our mission is to use our research to reach those around the globe who experience serious and life-threatening diseases.

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Research & Development

Celgene invests significant resources into the research and development of disease altering therapies for cancer and other serious immune-inflammatory conditions.

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Pricing Principles

The pricing of innovative medicines is complex, with many factors that determine the benefits of a medicine for patients, health systems and society. Celgene adheres to a core set of principles in determining the prices of its innovative medicines, ensuring an approach that allows patients, health systems and society to benefit and Celgene to continue re-investing in high-value research for unmet medical needs.

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